Back in Kelven

The party returned to the city of Kelven following their latest adventure and were granted an audience with Baron Desmond Kelven II. They successfully negotiated a reward for the killing of the trolls and dealing with the goblin threat in the Dymrak provided that they continue to the lair of the Dymrak Dread and kill him.

While in Kelven the party decided to spend some of their loot and upgrade their equipment. They will be heading back out after the upgrades are completed.

Kara headed down to Specularum to talk with members of the Church and set up possible trade connections. She has not told the party yet, but she has strongly considered the idea of retirement from the adventuring life to set herself up as a merchant. Current date is Yarthmont 4th

The story so far...

The party met in Specularum, the capitol of The Kingdom of Karameikos, with the arrival of the Highforge, gnomish caravan. Consisting of Dallin Silverbeard of the Burhodar clan of dwarves from Rockhome, and his wife Bomalyn “Bombie” Beatrix Bronteweather Silverbeard of the ??? clan. The dwarves having just returned to the surface world after a three-year, self-imposed exile to their underground Kingdom of Rockhome, are trying to learn what all has changed during their absence. Dallin and Bombie (as well as some others from Rockhome) made their way to Highforge and from there took a job as caravan guards down to Specularum. They met Aerinor Tintaloss, a Calarii elf who was also working as a caravan guard on the way to Specularum. Once there the dwarf Dallin, met Kar Quickfoot as she made an attempt at evading the town guards. She had apparently stolen some food from the marketplace and the guards had given chase. Dallin pulled her into the ally and lectured her on her ways. somehow, despite his gruff manner, Kara came to look at Dallin as a father type figure. While in Specularum the party met Solveig White-Gold, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Specularum. She was an aspiring adventurer and she decided that she would be Sheared and go on a grand adventure with the rest of the party.

They all took jobs as caravan guards for the return trip to Highforge. On the road back to Highforge they were set upon by a band of bandits and later encountered a goblin raiding party, with whom they parlayed and came to an agreement to let each other pass unmolested. The goblins were, however given directions as to the whereabouts of the bandit hideout and presumably they raided the bandits.

After completing their obligations with the Gnomish Caravan the party found themselves in Kelvin with an interesting lead concerning goblin raids on the southeastern fringes of the Barony of Kelvin. There was a bounty on goblins as a result, so the party headed down to the small thorpe of Cherkass to see about stemming the tide of these goblin raiders. The party discovered, however that these goblins were no simple raiders. that they seemingly have formed a sizable horde and were intent on slaughter and perhaps conquest. Several tribes of goblins in the Dymrak had been united under a single leader and after a few forays into the Dymrak the goblins attacked en mass on a homestead to the east of Cherkass. The party of adventurers managed to lure the trolls that had accompanied the goblins in the assault away and slaughtered them. The goblins were incensed and launched a punitive raid against Cherkass. This raid was intercepted with the help of some of the Baronial forces they were routed and the party killed two more trolls.

Following this the party decided to raid deeper into the Dymrak and try to pick off stragglers or small camps. They were ambushed in the forest by a amall but rather elite force of goblins. They were overwhelmed and all but Kara Quickfoot, Solveig White-Gold and an ogress that they were accompanying were captured. Solveig was left for dead and Skrak, the ogress was simply too large for the goblins to transport. Kara tracked down the goblins and discovered their lair. She then, with the help of Solveig and Skrak laid a series of traps for the goblins and attempted to lure them out into the killzone where she could then use guerrilla tactics against them.

Before she could launch her retaliatory strike a large party of goblins left the cave on what appeared to be a raid deeper into the Dymrak. She felt that in the morning following that large band’s departure would be the best time to launch her attack. She stole into the cave and killed the two sentries. She then ran throughout the main cavern blowing a signal whistle and drawing as many goblins out of the cave as possible. They followed her out of the cavern where she killed one more of them and in a terrifying display was able to cause the other goblins to lose heart and break. They routed into the woods whereupon Kara ran back into the caves to attempt to kill the rest of the goblins.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was able to affect an escape from the caves they were being held in. As they attempted to steal away a hobgoblin and his two guards encountered them. The hobgoblin showed a degree of honor and let them past to their weapons in order that their defeat would be glorious and not cowardly and disgraceful. During that encounter Dallin, Bombie, and Aerinor were able to defeat the hobgoblin and his two guards. The troll, who had been busy during this time killing the elven captives and then Skrak. decided to come down and attack the escaped prisoners. Kara and Solveig moved to join the others in taking down this opponent.

The party’s combined efforts severely weakened the troll and Kara used the last bit of pent up rage to leap upon and kill the troll before collapsing totally spent onto the floor. Through the quick actions of Dallin she was stabilized and over the following day she was able to regain consciousness.

This brings us to the current date of Thaumont 24, 1010AC.


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