Yuri Stanislav

A skilled archer and a slayer of the undead.

Name Level Race Class Deity
Yuri Stanislav 7 Human Scout 4/Ranger 3 Traladaran Pantheon
Strength 16
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10
Hitpoints 49
Speed (ft) 40
AC 19
Touch 13
Flat-footed 16
Initiative modifier: +4
Fortitude save: +6
Reflex save: +10
Will save: +3
Grapple check: +9
Base attack 6/1
Traladaran, Thyatian
Feats Source
Point Blank Shot Human Bonus Feat
Dodge 1st Level
Mobility 3rd Level
Swift Hunter 6th Level
Flaws Effect

Class Features Source
Favored Enemy: Undead +4 Ranger
Favored Enemy: Monstrous Humanoid +2Ranger
Wild Empathy Ranger
Track Ranger
Rapid Shot Ranger
Endurance Ranger
Skirmish +2d6/2AC Scout
Trapfinding Scout
Battle Fortitude Scout
Uncanny Dodge Scout
Fast Movement +10 ft. Scout
Trackless Step Scout
Spring Attack Scout
Skill Name Total Ability Ranks Misc./ Synergy
Balance 4 = +3 +0 +2,-1
Climb 4 = +3 +2,-1
Craft:Bowyer 6 = +5 +1
Heal 3 = +2 +1
Hide 11 = +9 +3 -1
Jump 9 = +5 +3 2,-1
K:Dungeoneering 6 = +5 +1
K:Geography 6 = +5 +1
K:Nature 9 = +6 +1 +2
Listen 10 = +9 +1
Move Silently 16 = +9 +3 +5,-1
Search 10 = +9 +1
Spot 11 = +10 +1
Survival 13 = +10 +1 2,2
Tumble 9 = +5 +3 +2,-1
Use Rope 7 = +5 +3 -1

  • Arrows (quiver of 20) x1
  • Arrow -Silvered x4
  • Arrow -Magic+1 x3
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Winter Blanket
  • Hooded Lantern
  • Flint and steel
  • Pouch x1
  • Rope (50’, hemp) x2
  • Sunrod x2
  • Torch x4
  • Scroll Case
  • Waterskin
  • Wagon
  • Rope of Climbing

Weapon Hit Damage Range Type
1 Flaming Composite Longbow (3 Str) 11(12 Point Blank Shot) 1d8+4+1d6 fire 110 ft. Pierce
+1 Longsword +11 1d8+4 Melee Pierce or Slash
Armor AC Bonus Max Dex Check Speed
+1 Chain Shirt +5 +4 -1 -
Masterwork Buckler +1 - - -
Magic Items Worn
Slot Item Reference (if nec.)
Feet Boots of Elvenkind +5 Move Silently

Yuri’s story has two sides. The interesting thing is that Yuri only knows one of these sides.

Thus, here is Yuri’s story from his point of view:

Yuri was born to his mother, Verity; and his father, Viktor Stanislav, outside a small village near Threshold. Yuri’s mother was from Thyatis, and the people of the village cared none for the “invaders”, and little more for Viktor for taking one as his wife, casting himself as a traitor in their eyes. As one can imagine, Yuri was about as well liked as the rest of his family.

Yuri grew up a fairly self-sufficient child, learning how to survive in the wilderness from his fur-trapper and trader father. Yuri enjoyed being out in the wilds. He enjoyed being away from the people who scorned him, casting harsh glances and spitting at his feet. The wilderness made no judgment on him, it cared not where he was from or who his family was. All that mattered was survival, the age-old conflict of man-versus-nature. He also enjoyed the time with his father, who told stories of the heroes of old – slaying terrible monsters and waging war with the savage peoples of ancient Traladara – as they sat around a campfire late at night. It was these days in the wilds, hearing the old stories, that shaped Yuri’s future more readily than anything else.

Upon reaching the age of sixteen, Yuri finally approached his father about the shearing ceremony. A short time later, he had set out on his own, ready to find his place in the world. Yuri spent some time mingling among people from other villages and towns in the region surrounding Threshold, and he was pleased to find that not all communities were as stubborn as his about Thyatians (not that he considered himself one, but his appearance reveals his heritage).

About a year after his shearing, Yuri found himself in another small village on the other side of Threshold from his own. It was here that he first met Jera, a young girl, whose older brother Attis was of similar age to Yuri and was sheared at about the same time. And for his time there, she very much treated Yuri as her big brother, following him about everywhere he went.

Somewhere in the years that followed, Yuri made a friend in the Half-Orc Krarg. They traveled together in the lands surrounding Threshold until they found themselves back in the city at the Juggling Ogre Inn. It was here, some five years after Yuri’s shearing, that his adventures truly started…

There is one major difference between Yuri’s story from his point of view, and the real story:

The real story starts some time before Yuri’s birth when his mother and real father (Yes, Viktor is not his father!) came from Thyatis. Yuri’s father was a member of the Thyatian military, and when he was transferred to serve at an outpost in Karameikos. It was a short time after Yuri’s conception (but well before his birth) that the outpost fell and Yuri’s father died in the battle, while his mother escaped with her life and the life of her unborn child. It was in Threshold that she met Viktor, who took her in and helped her raise the child that they named Yuri. However, they never mentioned the fact that Viktor was not his father, nor even that Verity had come to Karameikos for any specific reason at all.

Yuri Stanislav

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