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  1. The World of Mystara
    1. The Physical Make up
    2. The Races of Mystara
      1. Humans
      2. Dwarves
        1. Hill Dwarves
        2. Mountain Dwarves
        3. Modrigswerg
      3. Elves
        1. High Elves
        2. Sylvan Elves
        3. Shadow Elves
      4. Gnomes
      5. Half Elves
      6. Half Orcs
      7. Hin
    3. The Nations of the Known World
      1. Kingdom of Aegos
      2. Aengmor
      3. Kingdom of Aeria
      4. Kingdom of Alfheim
      5. Kingdom of Alpha
      6. Empire of Alphatia
      7. Sea Kingdom of Aquas
      8. Territories of the Atruaghin Clans
      9. The Broken Lands
      10. Barony of Caerdwicca
      11. Republic of Darokin
      12. Kingdom of Dawnrim
      13. Confederacy of Dunadale
      14. Kingdom of East Portage; aka Kingdom of Hillvale
      15. City State of Ekto
      16. Ethengar Khanate
      17. Five Shires
      18. Kingdom of Floating Ar
      19. Province of Furmenglaive
      20. Principalities of Glantri
      21. Heldannic Territories
      22. Kingdom of Helskir
      23. Kingdom of Horken
      24. Ierendi
      25. Karameikos
      26. Kendach
      27. Kingdom of Lagrius
      28. Shire of Leeha
      29. Kingdom of Meriander
      30. Minrothad Guilds
      31. Monster Island
      32. Kingdom of Ne’er-do-well
      33. Northern Reaches
      34. Region of Norwold
      35. Kingdom of Notrion
      36. Kingdom of Oceansend
      37. Kingdom of Ochalea
      38. Kingdom of Ostland
      39. The Empire of Thyatis
    4. Near Space
  2. History

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